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The act of sacrificing something such as time or money in order to help others in need can give us a sense of satisfaction and purpose in life.

When it impacts the people around us—like our friends and neighbors—in our local communities, greater satisfaction can be realized because we can see the benefits derived from our generosity.

We are excited to share with you the establishment of the Aspire Rural Health System Foundation (adding Deckerville Community Hospital and merging the former – Hills and Dales Healthcare and Marlette Regional Hospital Foundations). We are united knowing that we are “better together”. This unification will significantly strengthen and expand accessibility to rural healthcare for thousands of residents in our thumb region of Michigan.

A gift to the Aspire Rural Health System Foundation is a meaningful way to engage in a partnership with your local hospital and to ensure that Thumb Area communities have access to quality health care services, close to home.

Aspire Rural Health System is a 501c3 non-profit hospital and all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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The Infusion Clinic will include room renovation, new furniture, technology and providing a comfortable setting for patients requiring infusion therapy to treat a serious illness, deficiency, special medications, blood transfusion and more. Visitors accompanying patients will also be accommodated.


2024 Goal: $100,000

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Renovating Inpatient Rooms, transforming care, transforming lives is our new project for 2024 and beyond. In 2017, Hills and Dales began a project to expand, renovate and create 12 new state-of-the-art private patient rooms on the central core of the 2nd floor. The rooms were designed to be semi-private with bathrooms and showers to improve the inpatient experience for those needing an overnight stay. This left 12 additional rooms that were not renovated back in 2017. Our goal now is to begin to raise funds to update those remaining 12 additional rooms so that all patients have the same experience during their stay.

By renovating these rooms, we can ensure that every patient experiences a comfortable and welcoming environment that promotes both physical and emotional well-being. From modern, adjustable beds to calming décor, every detail can make a significant difference in a patient’s recovery process.

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Hyperbaric Chamber for MRH Wound Clinic. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves exposing the body to 100% oxygen at a pressure that is greater than normal to promote healing wounds and conditions that are difficult to heal without this intervention. This service is needed in our thumb region.


2024 Goal: $100,000

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August 7th, 2024

Rolling Hills Golf Course, Ubly Heights, Caro Golf Course

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The Aspire Foundation invites the public to participate in the Tree of Shining Love celebration with a donation in by honor or in memory of the special people in their lives. These individuals will be recognized in a special presentation at the Tree of Shining Love Ceremony on Sunday, December 8, 2024, and in local forms of media during the holiday season.