About Us

“I know that we are stronger together, and I look forward to all that we can achieve for our patients and communities through this combination.”

– Angie McConnachie, CEO 

What guides us

Mission: Providing exceptional care close to home as the leading rural healthcare organization.

Vision: To expand accessibility to quality rural healthcare as the trusted choice for patients and employees.

Culture: Through our actions towards each other, our customers, and the greater community, we will live the values of:

Teamwork: We better ourselves for the benefit of the whole.

Integrity: We will be honest with uncompromising moral and ethical principles.

Quality: We strive to set the highest standard in everything we do.

Customer Service: We provide great service to our customers, communities, and each other.

Attitude: We create and are responsible for a positive attitude and enthusiasm and will do what it takes to inspire others to do the same.

Fun: We celebrate success while being the best.