Corporate Compliance

Corporate Compliance

Aspire Rural Health System has a commitment to the highest standards of conduct.   Our mission of providing exceptional care close to home as the leading rural healthcare organization is underpinned by a culture that prioritizes compliance and ethics. As we seek to expand accessibility to quality rural healthcare as the trusted choice for patients and employees, we must adhere not only to the legal requirements that govern us but also to the moral obligations we have to our patients, employees, and the communities we serve.


Compliance is not a peripheral part of our business; it is the foundation upon which our trust and integrity are built. It provides the framework for decision-making processes and day-to-day operations, ensuring that we align with our core values of respect, accountability, and transparency.


Aspire Rural Health System provides lines of communication for all individuals to report suspected compliance violations without fear of retaliation.  If you suspect non-compliance with federal, state, or local laws,  rules, regulations or internal policies and procedures related to compliance issues,  please contact the Compliance Officer.   Reporting can also be done anonymously through the Compliance Hotline. 


Cassie VanValkenburgh, Director of Risk Management and Corporate Compliance at 989-912-6296


Compliance Hotline at 989-912-6258