Aspire Rural Health System to Repurpose Northwood Meadows Facility

June 14, 2024

Cass City, June 14, 2024, Aspire Rural Health System has announced the closure and repurposing of its Northwood Meadows Facility.


In January, Aspire Rural Health System was formed, bringing together Deckerville Community Hospital, Hills & Dales Healthcare, and Marlette Regional Hospital, with the vision of expanding quality rural healthcare as the trusted choice for patients and employees.  As Aspire Rural Health System continues to evolve and understands the needs of all the communities it serves, the decision has been made to close and repurpose the Northwood Meadows facility.


“An announcement of the plan to cease operations as an Assisted Living and Memory Care facility in Cass City has been made to the residents, resident family members and resident representatives. Work will begin immediately to assist residents with making arrangements for safe transfer to care providers of their choosing. This decision was not made lightly and follows months of deliberation and careful consideration. Critical factors driving the closure and repurpose of this facility include duplication of services within our local market, low demand for the services, increasing costs, and staffing shortages,” said Andy Daniels, Co-CEO.


Northwood Meadows as it exists today, a dedicated facility for assisted living and memory care, will begin making the changes needed for the closure immediately. We understand the impact the closure will have on our residents and their family members, therefore, we are offering current residents of Northwood Meadows a one-month rental waiver and providing free moving services to any residents transitioning to our sister facility, The Heartlands, located in Marlette. There are currently 25 residents residing at Northwood Meadows in Cass City.  Additionally, the staff members of Northwood Meadows will be offered opportunities within the Aspire Rural Health System for employment.


The current assisted living side will be transitioned into independent living apartments for adults ages fifty-five and older. Due to limited supply in our area communities, it is difficult for many people today to find affordable housing alternatives. We believe that by offering this option, we are meeting a community need while retaining, at least in some portions, the original intent behind Northwood Meadows, as many adults over fifty-five downsize from larger homes.


Angela McConnachie, Co-CEO shared, “We are devoted to ensuring a smooth transition for our residents and their families during this challenging time. Our staff will assist with finding alternative accommodations and services and we sincerely hope they will continue to choose Aspire at The Heartlands in Marlette. It is our commitment to retain staff within Aspire. Our team is working with employees to support them during this transition.”