Hills & Dales Cardiopulmonary Department Receives Grant for Holter Monitors

June 13, 2024

Hills & Dales Healthcare was recently awarded a $2,500 from The Neals Sisters Fund during the Tuscola County Community Foundation’s Spring grant cycle. The grant funds will go towards purchasing three Holter monitors.


Holter monitors are wearable monitors designed to monitor a patient’s heart to help detect or determine the risk of irregular heartbeats or arrhythmias. The monitors can help to identify unexplained fainting or any heart conditions that increase arrhythmia(s). Using Holter monitors helps identify arrhythmias quickly and decreases the risk of heart disease-related deaths.


In addition to the three Holter monitors awarded by the Tuscola County Community Foundation, Hills & Dales will be purchasing two additional Holter monitors to provide even more access to this convenient cardiovascular monitoring for those in the Thumb area. We are extremely grateful to The Neals Sisters Fund and Tuscola County Community Foundation for their support and are excited to increase access to cardiovascular care in our community.


Pictured: Director of Respiratory Services, Erin Lipka, receives a check from John Hunter, Executive Director of the Tuscola County Community Foundation.